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Since the projects that we are involved in vary greatly we charge according to the demands of the project. This "project rate" has a few different elements in it. One is our time. We charge a photo fee based on the amount of time that we will be putting into the project. Another element of our "project rate" is our creative fee, which incorporates over 20 years of experience in creating photography for clients worldwide. Another element of our "project rate" is figured on how the images(s) are going to be used. This usage fee starts at about $250.00 for a small one time use and could go as high as $10,000.00 (or more) for multiple uses of multiple images. These three elements of figuring the project rate is an effort to be as fair as we possibly can to you our clients.

Since we are the creators of the work that we will be producing for you, we are also the rightful copyright owners of that work. This is a right and a priviledge that we enjoy as citizens of the United States of America. This is a constitutional right and one of our "inalienable" rights as well. Because of this we never do any projects that are "work for hire". Likewise we would never sign a "work for hire" contract unless a large buyout price (approximately $80,000/image) were to be negotiated prior to any photography taking place.

Our stock photography is also based on usage. Elements that we take into consideration when pricing stock are where is the photo going to appear, how big will it appear, and what is the circulation/press run of the piece that it will be appearing in. Since we are a relatively small operation we still charge a $100 research fee to give you the level of personal service that you deserve. We can research your needs, make a pull, and FedEx you a package for next day delivery. Being in the Mountain time zone allows us to service both coasts effectively. We can FedEx packages up until 7PM each evening Monday thru Friday and thru 3PM on Saturdays.

If you have any questions, need a quote for a job or stock photo, or would just like to chat, please give us a call at 303-919-5296. Thanks.

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