Lindsay and Earl's Wedding
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Portrait price list. Add 4.3% sales tax to all Colorado reprint orders. We accept MC, Visa, AMEX
(a 3% surcharge will be added to credit card orders), or personal checks.Shipping and handling charges of $3.50 will be added to all orders.

You can place a order for prints by e-mailing me at
the size and number of prints that you would like. I will also need your name, shipping address, billing address, phone #, credit card number
(Visa, MC, or AMEX), and expiration date. Thanks. David Lissy

8-Wallets-2.5"x3.25"-same photo for each 8 $26.00
16-Mini Wallets-1.75"x2.5"-same photo for each 16 $26.00
4-4x6-same photo 40.00
2-5x7-same photo 50.00
1-8x10 50.00
1-11x14 100.00