Senior Photographer FAQs

  1. Experience? 27 years of experience specializing in portraits, events, team sports. David Lissy is the primary photographer for all senior portraits. Assistants will be present to help with lighting etc.
  2. Proximity?:We work out of our studio in a rural area near Golden. We shoot the senior portraits either indoors or outside, but prefer the outdoor locations on our property. We have lots of gardens filled with beautiful flowers, stone wall backgrounds, cedar fencing for a western look, trees on the open space which is right behind our studio. We will also go to a location of the students choosing.
  3. How is the student prepared before the shoot? We talk to each student prior to the scheduled shoot to go over choice of clothing, colors, etc. We let each student do their own hair and makeup.
  4. The sitting? How many poses/clothing changes? We offer up to five different poses, clothing, and location changes with all of our sittings. Guys usually opt of 2-3 and girls usually opt for 4-5. How long is each session? We schedule our sittings two hours apart. This gives us a good 45 minutes to an hour for each student. How many props? Since most yearbooks do not want props in the photo we only use what is naturally at the location we are shooting ie flowers, rocks,trees, etc. If a student requests a pose with a car, musical instrument, or animal, we can accomadate that request just be aware that that pose will not be able to be used in the yearbook without approval from the yearbook advisor. Location or outdoor poses? Yes see above answer.
  5. Quality & Cost? We can provide same day service for the yearbook photo if needed. We also offer instant proofing and web page proofing, or traditional photo proofs. Our turnaround time on the web proofing is usually 24 hours at most and on the traditional photo proofs within one week. We do offer digital services. Our minimum cost is $95.00 for a sitting fee and yearbook only print. Packages start at just $175.00 and can include indoors, outdoors or a combination of both. We do retouching for all of our students as the need arises. This includes braces, pimples, skin blotches, bruises, wrinkles, etc.
  6. Extras? If we photograph the prom at a school we will offer a 20% discount for students who come to us for their senior portraits. We also offer sibling discounts and family portrait discounts. We also offer a free buddy pose and 3.5x5 print to each buddy if they both have us shoot their senior portrait. We can accomadate a group of students who might want to go downtown, Red Rocks or come to our location to have their senior portraits done at the same time. We also welcome parents who want to come to the shoot.
  7. Offer free yearbook glossy for those who do not want to order a package? No our basic minimum fee is $95.00 for sitting and yearbook photo.
  8. Ability to handle 150-300 seniors by the deadlines? Absolutely. we hire additional staff for our busier times of the year to handle customer service work, computer, and assisting jobs.
  9. How do you handle dissatisfied customers? We strife to satisfy everyone. I personally respond to complaints by our customers. We go out of our way to make sure everyone is happy. We offer free reshoots and free reprinting if necessary.
  10. Explain your relationship with your lab? We do all of our lab work in house.
  11. Conform to yearbook specifications:? Yes to all area high schools.

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